Preschool Program

Little Explorers - Wild About Learning

Our preschool program offers Little Explorers fun, well-rounded, and active learning experiences. Our curriculum emphasizes project-based learning, STEAM exploration, and social development. Through a variety of engaging activities, Little Explorers gain hands-on experience with the world around them, fostering their curiosity and discovering the joy of learning. Each day, our Little Explorers develop academic, STEM, and social skills in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our preschool program runs from September to June, providing a diverse range of classes including creative arts, STEM lab, social-emotional learning, and world languages & cultures. We offer flexible class schedules and availability to accommodate your family’s needs, with options including drop-in classes, month-long learning units, and more!


Preschool Program

Young Preschool (children ages 2 ½–4) 

Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Preschool (children ages 4-5)

Monday – Friday 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm


Monday - Creative Arts

In our Creative Arts classes, we delve into a diverse array of topics ranging from exploring different art forms, art mediums, elements of art, to storytelling, drama, music, and movement. Through hands-on experimentation with sounds, colors, forms, motion, and words, we offer each child ample opportunities to express their ideas and feelings, fostering creativity and nurturing their imaginative thinking skills.

Tuesday - STEM Lab

“In our STEM Lab classes, children participate in exciting and interactive STEM experiments and projects covering a broad spectrum of topics including science, engineering, arts, math, and social studies. We believe that preschool STEM education is not merely about absorbing a fixed body of knowledge, but rather about providing opportunities for children to explore, discover, cultivate creative thinking, and develop problem-solving skills.

Through hands-on exploration and experimentation, preschoolers come to understand that STEM is an integral part of their daily lives and, most importantly, that it’s incredibly fun! Additionally, we emphasize providing opportunities for little learners to create various DIY objects, fostering their self-confidence and belief that they can build anything!

Wednesday - Social-Emotional Learning

In our Social-Emotional Learning classes, we cover a diverse array of topics, including understanding feelings and emotions, improving social skills, health and safety education, and promoting life skills and character development. Through engaging and purposeful learning activities, we offer opportunities for children to cultivate various social skills. These include interacting and communicating with peers, expressing and managing emotions, developing self-help abilities, forming positive relationships with both adults and peers, and nurturing empathy and compassion towards others.

Thursday - World Languages & Cultures

Children will have the chance to learn and practice sight words, engage in real-life dialogues, and participate in storytelling exercises in both English and Spanish. Additionally, our classes foster an exploration of culture, enhancing children’s awareness and appreciation of cultural products, practices, and perspectives. This is achieved through a range of activities, including arts, games, performances, and celebratory events.

Friday Happy Friday

This is a unique aspect to the Young Explorers Club that you will not find elsewhere. Happy Friday is dedicated to fostering a joyful learning experience for the entire class. It’s a day filled with engaging activities where students create lasting memories and enhance their social skills through hands-on activities, team-building games, and celebrations.

Preschool Daily Schedule

Half-day Preschool

Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Preschool Daily Schedule


Music and Movement
15 minutes


Read and Discussion
15 minutes


Morning Snack
30 minutes


Hands-on Experiment/Project
45 minutes


PE, Games, Outdoor Play
30 minutes


Library, Workbook, and Group Activity
30 minutes


Review and Share
15 minutes


Sample Month-long Learning Units

Social-Emotional Learning Unit for the Year


Me and My School
Exploring Feelings and Emotions
Building Social Skills
Holiday Celebration
Unique and Amazing Me
Family and Friends
Health and Safety Education
Life Skills and Character Education
Group Play – Favorite Preschool Themes
End of Year Celebration

Social-Emotional Learning Unit for September: Me & My School

Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:

First Day of School
Me and My School
Wild About Learning
Know and Follow Rules 
Ice Cream Social

Sample Classes and Teaching Strategies

Social-Emotional Learning


Creative Arts

Exploring Elements of Art – Shape, Shape, Everywhere.

Teaching Strategies:
Explore and manipulate a variety of materials and tools to create original works of art.


Rectangle 18 (1)


Mathematical Practices and Problem Solving – Candy Store

Teaching Strategies:
Experience with a wide variety of real objects to develop mathematical understanding.

Creative Arts

Social-Emotional Learning

Life Skills and Character Education – Helping Hands

Teaching Strategies:
Through games and activities, students learn to appreciate the uniqueness of individuals within the group, respect others’ feelings, and offer help to those in need.